Kusruthi Chodyam with answer: Best Funny Malayalam Q&A

Here you will find Malayalam Kusruthi Chodyam with answer. These Kusruthi Chodyam questions and answers are more interesting to people.

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Kusruthi Chodyam with Answer

A list of 151+ Kusruthi Chodyam Questions with answers are shared below for you. First of all read these question. Then think to get answer. In last check your answer is right or wrong.

Kusruthi Chodyam with answer

Question 01- Money Nobody Wants?

Answer- the allegation.

Question 02- The easiest way to get taller fast?

Answer- Stay with the shorter ones.

Question 03- The land that no one likes?

Answer- advice.

Question 04- A deer with its own chair?

Answer- Chairman.

Question 05- A job that gets promoted from bottom to bottom?

Answer- coconut climbing.

Question 06- A lens that breaks if it makes noise?

Answer- Silence.

Question 07- The bus that no one rides on?

Answer- Syllabus.

Question 08- The curry that no one adds?

Answer- Bakery.

Question 09- Which creature bathed from birth to death?

Answer- the fish.

Question 10- Action that doesn’t exist in movies?

Answer- Wix Action.

Question 11-  Hungry country?

Answer- Hungary.

Question 12- Can’t buy store-bought jam?

Answer- Traffic jam.

Question 13- There are two buckets full of water. It has a hole for a bucket. But water does not flow from the bucket with the hole. What is the reason?

Answer- What’s in the bucket is white stuff.

Question 14- Which English letter has a lot of people?

Answer- Q.

Question 15- A fruit that grows that father came?

Answer- papaya.

Question 16- The place where you are told to go first and then called back?

Answer- Goa.

Question 17- Why does a bee hum?

Answer- Because it cannot speak

Question 18- What can both sighted and non-sighted people see the same?

Answer- the dream.

Question 19- What is incorrect no matter how it is written?

Answer- wrong.

Question 20- Who is an unlicensed driver?

Answer- Screwdriver.

Question 21- God’s greatest gift to man?

Answer- information.

Question 22- What is the difference between chapati and chikungunya?

Answer- Chapati is transmitted by humans and chikungunya is transmitted by mosquitoes.

Question 23- Why is the math book never happy?

Answer- Because it is full of problems.

Question 24- The elephant that most of us eat?

Answer- Banana.

Question 25- Invention that can write any language? 

Answer- the pen.

Question 26- Can you tell who is first in speed, second in name and third in position

Answer- Seconds hand on the clock.

Question 27- Which planet is the most dangerous among the planets?

Answer- Greed.

Question 28- Which English letter is laughing? 

Answer- E.

Question 29- Why do girls fart when they laugh?

Answer- with hands.

Question 30- What is the thing that Hindi people keep in their pockets and Malayalis in the oven?

Answer- Kalam (Pen).

Question 31- Throw away when there is a need and keep when the need is over. what is?

Answer- fish net.

Question 32- What increases in length when cut?

Answer- Way.

Question 33- Unlivable house?

Answer- Chiveed.

Kusruthi Chodyam Questions with Answers

Interesting Malayalam Kusruthi Chodyam Questions with their answer are available here. You can read these question along with answer.

 The first vessel that man stepped on?womb
The crow that never flies?Ikkaka
The head everyone respects?task
A tree that never bears fruit?Struggle
A parrot that can’t fly?Tickling
What does it take to not die?Not to be born
Ration not available in the ration shop?Moderation
 Which country is suffering the most?Spain
Worst work in the world?Naughtiness
Which is the most inhabited forest?house
Who doesn’t want to win?failure
Gate most used by people?Colgate
Which month is the most suspicious?February
Which device helps to see objects outside the walls?the window
 Largest net?Internet
There were 10 flies on a table. 
One of them was killed. 
How many flies are left? 
Everything else flew away
The plant that launches the most rockets?Tumba
A writable dress?Address
Which fruit changes its name when it gets bigger?coconut
Which month has 28 days?Every month

Malayalam Kusruthi Chodyam Question and their Answer

Question 34- I am also in Kannur..! I am in space too! I’m on the calendar too! Who am I…?

Answer- Malayalam letter ‘ka’.

Question 35- English letter that smokes the most?

Answer- C.

Question 36- Which day is Thiruvananthapuram car?

Answer- to whom.

Question 37- When Ramu was walking along the road, he saw a 2000 rupee note and a dried fish lying there… Ramu took the dried fish. 2000 put right there… why?

Answer- Ramu was a cat.

Question 38– A man is stranded in a desert. He has only one gun in his hand. So how can he escape from him? 

Answer- A bullet in his gun escapes

Question 39- English letters that young single women say to their parents?

Answer- NAKTQ tie me up

Question 40- What happens if the dog bites Google?

Answer- Google Pay

Question 41- Who sits with his feet over his ears?

Answer- Spectacles

Question 42- A grandmother had to cross a river to grind flour. But there is not a single canoe there. How will that grandmother go?

Answer- Maida is powder, there is no need to grind it.

Question 43- What should we keep before 10?

Answer- When that comes. Danger

Question 44- What makes the whiter the dirtier?

Answer- Black board.

Question 45- Which is the heaviest drink? 

Answer- The treasure.

Question 46- Who are the two girls who help maths in geometry class?

Answer- point and line

Question 47- Can you tell me what is the name of the thing that changes when the skin is removed?

Answer- rice.

Question 48- Which material turns white when bleached and turns white when bleached?

Answer- Milk.

Question 49- Which number is floatable?

Answer- 6.

Question 50- The creature that walks around still saying its own name?

Answer- crow.

Question 51- What is the name of the ant’s father?

Answer- Antappan.

Question 52- Whose age is getting shorter and shorter?

Answer- candle.

Question 53- Which animal has initial with its name?

Answer- Chimpanzee (chimpan C).

Question 54- Which substance is always salted?

Answer- Spoon.

Question 55- Which debt can lead to death?

Answer- accident.

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